The Fire Aviation Guidelines are a set of voluntary guidelines for the use of aerial means to support fire management. The Fire Aviation Guidelines are intended to apply to all aviation operations associated with fire management, including wildfire suppression and planned burning for fire prevention. For more information please download the following paper introducing the Fire Aviation Guidelines.

Introducing the Fire Aviation Guidelines Issue 1.0 [Download]

Part 1 of the IFAWG Aviation Guidelines details the background material, contextual information, references, key definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations. Part 1 can be downloaded from the IFAWG Fire Aviation Guidelines – Part 1  page.

Part 2 of the IFAWG Aviation Guidelines sets out a series of Practice Guides and can be downloaded from the IFAWG Fire Aviation Guidelines – Part 2  page.

These Practice Guides aim to provide more practical and detailed advice to assist Fire Agencies, Aircraft Operators, Pilots, Air and Ground crews to manage and deliver safe operation of aircraft at fires.

They are intended to support and enhance any existing fire management guidelines, policies, programs and regulations currently in use by Fire Organisations, Agencies and Governments.  Compliance is entirely voluntary.

Each Practice Guide is intended to be “stand alone” and cross referenced.

Refer to “Application of Practice Guides” for more information.

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